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Lehigh Valley Hospital Mental Health Outpatient Clinic-Muhlenberg
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 Description:Mental Health Outpatient Programs:
We値l help you cope with stress, anxiety, marriage problems or the death of a loved one.

For more than 35 years, our behavioral health clinics have been providing psychiatric assessment and treatment to uninsured and underinsured adults, age 18 and above.

Lehigh Valley Health Network provides short-term, outpatient (non-hospital) care for people of all ages, including couples and families, who are having trouble coping with life. Our goal is to help you understand your problem, overcome the symptoms of emotional distress, and regain a joy in living. We値l help you move your life forward.

People seek our help for:
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Marriage, couples or family difficulties
- Trouble coping with stresses at home or work
- Loss and grieving
- Effects of trauma or abuse
- Difficulty coping with cancer, heart disease and other physical illness such as chronic pain
- Bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder

From the time you enter our door, you will be in an atmosphere of complete trust and security. You値l appreciate our expertise, and be comforted by our compassion. Our goal is to provide a safe haven, where we can work together on your problems without shame, guilt or judgment.

Emotional problems are highly treatable today. Length of treatment depends on the type of problem, but most of our clients complete their treatment in just 10 to 12 sessions. Many people do well with individual, couples or family therapy, tailored to their individual needs.

Many of our clients welcome the opportunity to meet regularly with others facing the same concerns. They share coping skills and learn they池e not alone. Others, with problems such as clinical depression or anxiety, respond best to a combination of medication and counseling. Common to all approaches will be a focus on helping you:
- identify your strengths
- discuss and share skills you can use to manage your feelings and improve relationships
- rise above your current uncertainty and turmoil.

The first step is to come in for an evaluation. We値l explore what changes you壇 like to make in your day-to-day living, your current feelings and expectations for the future. Together, we値l decide on the best route to move your life forward.

To schedule an appointment with a behavioral health specialist at Lehigh Valley Health Network, call 610-402-CARE.
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 Street Address:2604 Schoenersville Road
 City + Zip Code:Bethlehem, 18017
 Name of Director:Brett Williamson, Director of Outpatient Services
 Added Date:21 Jul 2011
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